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Reach Out Rescue & Resources is a small group of rescuers with a large amount of passion for dogs and cats!!
Last Updated:
10/1/2022 6:06 PM

Dog Adopt/Foster App 2017


"PLEASE KEEP THIS EMAIL ADDRESS In the event that something happens and you are no longer able to keep the dog, our contract states that your must have the dog returned to Reach Out Rescue."

Adopting? We require that each of our dogs are adopted out to a permanent, stable, safe and loving home for their entire lives. Before applying for this dog, please think this over thoroughly. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and is not something that should be rushed into without tremendous thought. If you are thinking about adopting, please remember it is a LIFELONG commitment. Dogs can live to be at least 14 years old. If you are ready to make this commitment, please fill out the adoption application. While completing the application, please ask yourself, "Am I ready for a dog?"

Please read "Adoption Information" to answer questions regarding our processing timeline and requirements.

We do ask you to please view this prior to completing the application:

Foster-to-Adopt (FTA)? Please visit our FTA page for additional information. Please remember that any puppy less than 3 months old or any dog currently in a foster home within our normal adoption area, is not eligible for the Foster-to-Adopt Program. The only eligible dogs are currently in a kennel or at one of our partner shelters; any dog being fostered outside of our normal adoption area (examples include southern VA or North Carolina).

Fostering? Foster homes are an extremely important part of rescue. Foster homes bridge the gap between shelters and permanent homes while increasing the number of lives saved. Taking a stray or frightened animal and showing them that people can be kind, that food is available and that there is a warm place to sleep, creates a marvelous bridge to a new home. Those of us who open our homes to foster a dog know that there is never a shortage of animals that need this preparation time before finding their forever home. Please be sure to read the information on our "Foster Information" page. If you can open your heart and home, please complete the following foster application.

IMPORTANT : Most of our communication is done via email. If you submit an application, please check your email frequently, so that you can respond to any questions or concerns we have. Failure to respond within 72 hours will indicate to us that you no longer have interest and we will delete your application.

IMPORTANT : If you do NOT have an "alternate email" address, please leave the comment field BLANK. If you enter anything other than an email address, this may cause an error.